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There is hardly anyone in the world who would not know about Swatch watches, as the brand has grown excessively popular and available through its own stores and through authorized retailers all over the globe. The great brand sells watches for men, women and kids and even though it is aiming the younger generations, it provides wearable trendy or dress watches for every generation. In New Zealand, Swatch watches are highly popular and sold through various retailers. Let us take a look at the brief history of Swatch together with the features that made the watch worldwide known and so popular, together with the locations where you can buy them in New Zealand.

Swatch came into the world of watch making as an outstanding pioneer in the early eighties, as the creator of trendy colourful plastic watches which, apart from looking great also were dead punctual. The name of Swatch means “Second Watch” which is aiming the main objectives of the early Swatch watches, to create trendy yet dispensable watches for everyone. The main concept behind Swatch was, to create a lower priced products, to regain the importance of Swiss watches by generating a much larger market for them, in order to compete the Japanese watches which gained popularity from the Eighties all around the world.

Swatch watches were not only a new sort of watches in the 80ier and 90ies but created a completely new fashion trend and a watch movement in order to adapt the easy-to-use watches in the world of complicated watches. Swatch was in real created as a teenage brand of watches. Yet today, Swatch Group has grown out to become the leading provider of Swiss professional and trendy watches comprising of more than 10 elite Swiss watch making brands. Swatch is not only a trendy watch though, as it is the creator of several novelties in the world of watch making by creating the world’s thinnest watch the Delirium which was created in 1979. Since then Swatch has created the "skin" concept of wrist watches which means watches that absolutely take the form of its wearers’ wrist.

The Swatch Group was created in 1985 with the leading of Lebanese entrepreneur Nicolas G. Hayek who started to buy some of the most historical and important Swiss watch brands, in order to create the currently strongest company in Swiss watch making. Swatch watches, although lower in popularity than before, are always coming out with great new collections that are really worth to watch and to buy. Swatch watches are all water resistant and have been created to be more enduring than average watches. Swatch recently came out with several artist and star inspired models that are very popular everywhere in the world.

Although Swatch has only one single label store in New Zealand, Swatch watches are sold by a variety of different retailers which are enlisted below:
Swatch: Auckland Intl Airport
Zlato Jewellers: Auckland
Charlton Jewellers: not enlisted on Swatch site, selling watches in their stores in Westfield shopping malls in the area of Auckland and neighbouring cities.
Donnell Jewellery: not enlisted on Swatch site Donnell also sells Flik Flak

If you would like to buy Swatch watches from a retailer which is not enlisted on the authorized dealers’ site of Swatch, we highly advise you to get in touch with the company to ask them for more information, to make sure the watch you buy is genuine.

As Swatch watches are lower in price and have very specific and always changing designs, they are not as counterfeited as other prominent watch brands. The kid watch collection of Swatch called Flik Flak is one of best and the most sought kid watches brand in the world. If you want a great enduring watch with fresh design that comes for a suitable price and with unquestioned quality, do not hesitate to check out Swatch watches in New Zealand.
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